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Kamal is a skilled artist that has been working at his craft since the age of 2. Born in Iraq but raised in America, Kamal’s dream has always been to work with his art in anyway possible. Kamal uses his art to keep himself happy, healthy and sane. To read more and see the full Gallery of Kamal’s art visit our featured artist page.

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Freeflow Art: Giving Untapped Talent A Place to Thrive

by Shellie Terry Benson with LexJet

When Marco Hope was incarcerated for 14 years, he didn’t waste his time. In fact, he set about completely revamping himself through reading and introspection. He also found a way to overhaul his career when he realized he was surrounded by a lot of untapped, unrecognized artists serving time with him.

“When you’re in jail, your family can send you funds to buy food other than what they serve and things like that,” Hope says. “What I would do with that money was buy art [from other inmates].”

At first, his concept was to use the art to create apparel like t-shirts and hats. But he realized a bigger opportunity to create an online art agency that helped promote the artists and sell not only clothing, but prints, as well. Which is how Freeflow Art Gallery, based in Peoria, AZ, was born. Read More