So you think you have what it takes to be a Freeflow Artist? Send in your drawing to see if you got what it takes to hang with us!

Freeflow wants YOU, we are always looking for top artists! 

All drawings will be judged by the Freeflow Art Committee and winners will be notified by email and announced and featured on our site for all to see!
Possible Full Time/Part Time employment as an independent contractor is available for winning. Additional positions may be available for winning contestants!

Contest Criteria:

  • All drawings must be 16” x 22” inches with total canvas dimensions of 20” x 26” inches. This will include a 4” border around the drawing
  • All drawings must include the name “Freeflow” and also the Companion, The Double “FF” (in any configuration) in the art. The name can be big or small, just make sure it’s legible
  • Date and sign all art work inside the 16” x 22” border
  • Fill out the entry form in completion with all contact info, read and sign the following agreement, so that we may send you your winnings
  • All drawings must be submitted by the 25th of every month or it will be submitted for the following month’s contest
  • Notification of winners will be sent by email and posted on our site within (2) weeks from the 25th of the above listed months art contest or it will be submitted for the following art contest.
  • You can send us your Digital Art In a PSD or PNG File @ 300DPI Send All Digital Art to  (Include Signed contract in a PDF File) with your Art submission

Contest entries are held throughout the United States during month listed above. Check back often to find out dates for upcoming contests. Feel free to send us your art anytime, to see if you can win cash or become a full time independent contractor with Freeflow. Entry winners will have the opportunity to become Full Time Independent Contractors and earn cash from royalties every time their art sells. See if you have what it takes to become a Freeflow artist!

Criteria for Artist:

  • All artist will be Independent Contractors and will be responsible for any State and Federal Taxes owed by filling out a W-9.
  • All royalties will be paid out within the 1st week of every new month
  • Any contest winnings will be paid out at the beginning of the following month due
  • Any person winning 1st place in an art contest can only do so one time
  • All art must be signed and dated by the artist inside the 16”x22” border

Include a picture of yourself if you want it posted on your biography. If your art is put on our site, you will receive royalties in the amount of $5.00 every time your art sells. Full-Time artists will be required to submit a minimum of (1) drawing per month and will be required to provide (3) campaign submissions per year for Freeflow. Campaigns are sent monthly and include certain topics, Ex: sports stars, talk show hosts, cars, etc. All artist receive $200.00 once their art hits (30) thirty sales plus the $5.00 royalty.

If you in any way copy someone else’s work, your work, royalties and yourself will be removed from the Freeflow Art Gallery website, and you and you alone will be held liable for any actions taken for copyright infringement!

Enter the Contest

In order to become a Freeflow Artist or to enter our Art Contest you will need to download the required contract below and submit it to Freeflow Art.

Contest Entry Form

Please bear with us! Freeflow is evolving as we speak and the site will continue to change to meet our consumers and artists needs and demands. If you would like to enter any suggestions as to how we can make this process easier for you, whether its to submit the art and or fill out the contract, please submit your comments and suggestions on our contact page. As always we thank you for the time and please understand this site is meant to promote you and your work(s) so that you have a chance to grow, prosper and above all make some cash! Please remember to print out and fill out the downloadable contract and send it in with your art in order to be accepted as an artist with Freeflow Art.